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THREE BIRDS BODYCARE AND MASSAGE offers discounted rates to regular clients.

Our packages are as follows:

5 x 60 min Deep Flow or Deep Tissue Massages for $325
5 x 90 min Deep Flow or Deep Tissue Massages for $475

Gift Certificates are also available and make a great Christmas gift!



Father’s Day

June is a very busy month for most of us. Before we can even get through our TO DO LIST, there is Father’s Day approaching fast.  What should we get for that very special man in our lives? Well what better than looking after his health and wellness. Treat him to our FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL.

Father’s Day Special                        $95

90 min Deep Flow Massage with muscle melting hot stones and aromatherapy oils blended to ease his muscle aches and pains.

Please email info@threebirdsbodycare to purchase your gift today.



Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Three Birds Style

May 13th, 2012

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and along with the requisite breakfast in bed why not surprise her with a gift certificate from Three Birds Bodycare? We think Mom’s deserve a little extra love and care at least once a year.

Our Mother’s Day package includes our signature Deep Flow Massage, a treatment that is tailored to the clients specific needs and includes among other techniques, aromatherapy, hot stones and breath coaching.

Mother’s Day Package      $95

Soothing Aromatherapy Foot soak

60 min Full Body Deep Flow Massage

Hot towel treatment

Gift of Three Birds Bodycare Facial Scrub & Soap

Please email info@threebirdsbodycare to purchase your gift today. 

Are you Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Many of us think we have it sorted but given a closer look we may be surprised to find that we are actually missing some key elements. We were recently inspired by Lissa Rankin and her TEDx talk that suggests a balanced life supports the health of our physical body. If you can let your inner light shine and feel good about who you are, then happiness and health will follow.  Not a new concept but one that is worth revisiting from time to time.  Many aspects of our health are out of our control i.e. our genetic make-up, but there are things we can do, ways in which we choose to live, to perceive, that can have a positive effect on our overall well-being. Get inspired by these ladies:  Lissa Rankin-The Shocking Truth About Your Health  and Brene Brown-Expanding Perception. Then ask yourself, “How am I going to make the necessary changes so that I may lead a healthy life? Will it include some time to get creative? Having friends over for dinner? Picking up the phone and calling a loved one? Taking the time to enjoy a massage? (well, you know it makes sense)

Book Club

We recently read Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder and we were awed by Dr Paul Farmer’s ability to make change in the world, most notably Haiti, where basic living conditions like clean water and safe, dry shelter can be difficult to come by. If we could all just do a fraction of what he does day in day out, we think the world would benefit and surely be a better place for all. This book is inspiring and makes us grateful for the rich and abundant life we are so fortunate to have here in Vancouver. In the spirit of spring awakening, discovering the true meaning of health, and creating positive change in whatever way we can, we highly recommend you pick this book up at your local bookshop, enjoy and get inspired!