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Massage and Your Irresistible Life

Massage is a great way to introduce self-care in to your lifestyle. Massage has many benefits; one of them is the effect on the nervous system, especially allowing the body to revert to its parasympathetic state. Often these days we are rushing around, stuck in traffic, late for appointments, not having time for lunch, forgetting to pay bills on time. When we are in these situations, our body is in its sympathetic state, think fight or flight, our muscles tense, heart rate increases and breath tightens. These days we might consider that we spend a lot of time with our sympathetic nervous system geared up. Over time this can also lead to health issues such as: sleep disorders, increased weight gain, stomach pains and the list goes on.

Massage is one of the ways to help your body deal with the stress of modern day life. At our boutique studio in Vancouver, nestled between, Gastown, Crosstown and Chinatown, we offer relaxation massages with a focus on the head and scalp and essential oils to aid with deep relaxation.

Also we at Three Birds Bodycare and Massage highly recommend a recently published book “Your Irresistible Life” by Glynnis Osher and Madhuri Phillips, this book shows you many ways using principles of Ayurveda and Yoga to bring balance to your life.