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KNOTS KNOTS KNOTS (we all have them)

Quite often when we are treating a client at Three Birds Bodycare & Massage our clients ask us.

“What exactly are those hard, sometimes painful knots in the muscles of my neck and upper back?”

It’s an excellent question and one we often feel is difficult to answer, as the research is not conclusive. The most common, currently accepted theory is that those so called knots are actually areas of muscle that have remained in an active state. In other words an area of the muscle that has not relaxed and continues to contract. It is not truly understood how and why our bodies react in this way but what we do know is that these painful “knots” are a common complaint. Thankfully there are a few good ways to get relief from this kind of muscle discomfort. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your muscles healthy and happy:

1. Stretching- Make it a part of your daily routine. A few simple stretches as you wake up are a great way to start the day. Make sure to take a break from the computer and stretch your neck from side to side, role back those shoulders paying attention to your general posture.
2. Yoga- An excellent way to warm up the muscles, get a good stretch and ultimately remind those muscles to relax.
3. Heat- Apply a warm compress or heating pad to the affected area.
4. Massage- A good massage can ease the discomfort by breaking up the knots. It can help a client to relax which in turn enables the muscles to relax.

Mention this blog and receive a (75-minute massage for the price of 60 minutes.) A longer massage allows for more effective work on those annoying knots.

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